September 5, 2016 - Tom Maylor

Tips On Writing A Top-Class Essay



  1. Spend some time on thinking. You may think that you chunk a lot out of the time you’ve got, but believe us, we know the case of ‘I haven’t read the task’ oh so well. Planning will eventually save you a lot of effort, and outlining key elements can help you create a draft that has no rivals. Do not rush for your pen and pencil once you hear the task. A brief analysis is much better than hasty reactions.
  2. If you are 100 % sure you got the essay topic right, you can proceed with generating ideas. Use a separate sheet of paper to define the brilliant ones. But don’t focus on producing worthy thoughts only. Feel free to deliver crazy suggestions. You can analyze them later. Eventually, you will have a list of related points to choose from. You should have a clear argument and supporting points that link with the story. Read a few narration tips if that’s not enough to keep you going, and remember that the examiners are going to have piles of essays on their desks (or mail box). They won’t be paying much attention if you are hundredth in the line, focusing on main points to avoid unnecessary tension. You can include the expert’s opinion or a historian’s view.
  3. Organize. Now take your time to look through the notes and organize the writing process in your head. A well-structured essay is a key to success. Decide whether your teacher is interested in generic or thematic answer. Essays can also be generic and personalized. Sometimes, you will be asked to write an informal essay, just to assess your colloquial techniques. In other cases, a certain format should be followed. There are basically four of them, depending on your place of study and essay requirements. Read the instructions carefully so that you know which format you need. Group ideas and make sure the paragraphs are in the right order.
  4. Stand out. Easier said than done, right? Trust us, you can be an essay star with a good introduction and plan. Have an engaging first sentence, a snappy body and an intriguing conclusion. Surprise the teacher or the examiners’ team. Ask questions. Express controversial views. Tackle the issues. We are not saying you should be, like, provocative, but there is a charming intensity in papers that are written from scratch.
  5. Make it readable. Your essay should be fluid, and you can achieve that even without essay writing service help. What we want you to do is make points and paragraphs sort of flow from one into the other, and have logical connections. Show your teacher that you know the subject and be professional with quotations and citing. Don’t forget that teachers are very scrupulous with bibliography if you deliver papers ahead of time.