February 6, 2017 - Tom Maylor

Sports and extracurricular activities at Radley College


A significant role in the lives of students is given to the lessons on theater skills. You can try your hand at acting, in the organization of production. Some guys choose theatrical skills as an academic subject at GCSE and A-Level programs. Classes are held in the theater of The New Theatre, opened in 2005. The new equipment is at the highest level. The school has an additional studio, where the small performances and rehearsals, as well as the examination performances.

All teachers on theatrical skills have extensive experience in this field. Although teachers are supervised school setting, students are fully responsible for the success of the performance. Students are responsible for acting game, light, music, for all organizational issues.

During the year, you can put the 4 main views, including the November school productions (from classic to modern musical performance). Students also prepare activities for various events inside the school, do their own performances or participate in teachers’ projects. It is possible to participate in various festivals, theater tours. In 2013, it planned a similar tour in Australia.

Almost half of Radley College students take vocal lessons or play different instruments. Students participate in school concerts, daily church services, competitions, accompanied by music theater and other less formal activities of the school, they never think about such things like “do my homework for money”.

On an ongoing basis at the school there are 4 teachers and 30 teachers coming on the game and singing. The school has a concert hall The Silk Hall, theater, spacious auditorium for rehearsals, recording studio. It is worth noting music library with recordings, scores and books on music.

Outside the classroom, students can choose the musical direction and interest groups: Choral Society, choir, small vocal groups of any style and direction of orchestra, chamber orchestra, jazz band, electric guitar, rock band, string and wind instruments. Some music groups supervised by teachers, but most are organized by the students.

Students regularly attend concerts and operas in London and Birmingham, the school also organizes a “musical” trip to the Czech Republic, Spain, Germany and other countries.

Art Center in Radley College – an educational space for students of different ages. Here, on a regular basis exhibitions, competitions and discussions, making the learning process more complete and promotes the formation of the whole person. Many of Radley College graduates made a name for in the art world.

Art center includes gallery, lecture-hall, a cinema, a studio for ceramics lessons, photography, painting and drawing, as well as an art library. Students regularly visit art exhibitions, school master classes by local artists and art professionals are regularly held discussions and debates on the subject of art. Students can join the trip, during which they can visit museums and private collections around the world. Among the last of such travel should be noted galleries in London, New York, Beijing, Amsterdam, Rome and Florence.

About the Author: Miriam Mondy is a student. She is interested in art.