November 3, 2016 - Tom Maylor

Enrolling in US universities without exams


Enrolling in an American university is tempting, but it is not so easy. A pile of documents. Motivational letter. Essay. But most importantly – exams. Undetermined TOEFL, GMAT and more. They should be specially prepared for months. And after all this, the universities still denied. Did you know that can be guaranteed to arrive in the US high school without passing a single exam?
It looks too good to be true, but tens of thousands of students from abroad every year just so get to study in American universities!

Pathway Program – what is it?
Pathway – a program of preparation for college or university. Duration – from eight to 16 weeks, depending on your level of language. Pathway Programs are carried out in language schools in the United States. More look on this site .After the program, you are guaranteed to get into a university or college without taking TOEFL, and often even without GMAT / GRE / SAT.

It works like this:
• You choose the school with the Pathway program and register on it
• The school will send you an invitation, for which you get a student visa
• You go through the program in the school and in the process, along with your supervisor pick up high school for admission.
• You transferred to a university without TOEFL exam, and often without the GMAT and SAT

Pathway program is right for you if:
• You are 16 years or more.
• You have a high school diploma.
• You want to get a Bachelor, Master, or doctoral (PhD) University in the US.
• Your level of language is Intermediate or above. If your language level below Intermediate, you can start to take a language course in the same school and then immediately go to the Pathway.

School Choice program Pathway
Pathway is held in different schools and with different conditions. In our experience, the best option in terms of price, quality training and universities for admission – it ILSC school in New York and San Francisco. Training courses are held year round. You can start exercising almost every Monday. After payment of the course the school will send you an invitation for a student visa in the United States F-1. Visa on this invitation should not cause problems.

What will be on the course Pathway?
The program is focused on the choice of high school and preparing for training in it. You and your supervisor will form a training plan and stick to it.
Most of the training will be English and development of academic skills to use. You will learn how to write an essay, to listen and to talk, to make reports and presentations. You also will meet with representatives of universities and excursions to them.

Your progress will necessarily follow. The school is very interested in your success and will do everything that you did in high school and graduated from it, because it has a direct impact on the rating of the program!
In which university can you get education without examination?
You will be able to transfer to one of the dozens of partner schools of universities. Among them, there is the Harvard and Yale, but it is very worthy of colleges and universities with high-quality education and a diploma, which is valued in the United States and other countries.

The duration of Pathway Program
The duration of training depends on your level of English:
• Upper-Intermediate and above – 8 weeks
• Intermediate – you will study 16 weeks
• Below Intermediate – First, you will need to pass a language course and to tighten up the language Intermediate
About Author: Mike Tomson is a freelance writer, who creates papers about education. He has entered one of the leading universities in the USA and now gives good advices readers and young people.